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GEICO Reviews

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  • Geico Horrible customer service

    I was involed in an auto accident with one of Geico clients that is at fault of the wreck. I have been dealing with no responses, no customer service, and horrible tone and attitudes towards me. Finally almost a year and a half later I get this horrendous Adjuster. that likes to get all sassy and does nothing to help me, Literally told me I should've walked to work instead of get a rental) this is the worst insurance agency I have ever dealt with. I hope you start training your reps better because they are bringing your company down bad. It is sad that I have had to be out of pocket... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
    A2113's Picture   A2113    0 Comments   Comments
  • Geicos horrible customer service

    Horrible customer service! I mean the worst I have ever received. I have never had an issue with paying my bill for the almost 2 years I have been with them. I called and spoke with 4 different people. And receive the same horrible service. I was extremely polite to everyone I spoke with until the last girl I spoke with got rude with me. That's when I finally because extremely pissed off that they don't care about losing their loyal customers. So recently my bank account got hacked and money was being taken out of my account randomly, so I cancancelled my bank acct on 1/20/17 at... More...
  • Geico claims

    Geico says if you they crashed your car and wasn't you fault your premium goes up even though other insurance company paid it out wondered why my insurance went up they didn't tell me until I started paying my premium installments would not recommend them unless you never have accidents will never go back to them ....... More...
    Dantheman123's Picture   Dantheman123    0 Comments   Comments
  • Geico terming a vandalism damage as collision to excuse themselves of paying a claim

    Someone vandalized the front bumper and hood of my car and stole my license plate. My windshield was also cracked (though I am not sure if it was cracked before or because of this vandalism). I filed a police report and took the car to Geico auto claims adjuster for inspection of claim. He informed me that it did look like vandalism and he would just submit the claim if we didn't want the windshield to be included in the claim. We informed him that we weren't sure of the windshield, so we decided to inspect the claim further to determine if it was cracked before or not. A couple... More...
    nick3's Picture   nick3    0 Comments   Comments

  • Cheap premiums, but pray you never have a claim.

    I've been duking it out with Geico for three weeks on a water-damage claim, and what they've put me through is like the Tenth Circle of Hell. They just keep throwing more and more obstacles in your path until they hope you drop the claim. In the meantime, I have a car outside that I can't drive. Do yourself a favor: Choose insurance from a company that actually cares about its customers, because take it from me, Geico does not. All they care about is collecting their premiums. More...
    GeekOnTheHill's Picture   GeekOnTheHill    0 Comments   Comments
  • Failed to pay claim

    Geico's customer backed into my driver door after I had already backed out. The driver apologized saying she did not see me. The Geico claims adjuster Jennifer Salazar of the Virginia Beach office stated that it appeared their driver was at fault because there is no possible way I can back out sideways. However, the next day the determination was that we were both at fault and therefore Geico would not pay. Besides the failure of Geico to take responsibility, I am not the Geico know, made of money. I believe this decision to be a blatant and irresponsible tactic to... More...
    Crunched's Picture   Crunched    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dont choose Gieco!

    I hit a friends car back in june 13th .....over a month and a half later after she already sent me a text saying dont worry about it dale can fix it (only a scratch) back in june 13th....we hax a bliw out and now she filed a claim and gieco is actually doing it! Totally ridiculous! How can u claim something over a month ago ? And with no police report! I am switching insurance complanies and you should too! More...
    luvshorses55's Picture   luvshorses55    0 Comments   Comments
  • GEICO got my license SUSPENDED after paying policy in full!

    On 7/8/14 I switched from driver's insurance to auto insurance when I bought another car. I paid the policy in full that day. GEICO sent notification to DMV that I cancelled my drivers insurance but failed to send them proof that I switched to auto insurance and refile my SR22 because of insurance lapse in the past. DMV suspended my license the same day (7/8/14) because they said GEICO only let them know that I had cancelled my driver's policy. Mind you, the policy was also paid IN FULL. After contacting GEICO many times, they keep trying to tell me that they have resent proof... More...
    gingergypsy's Picture   gingergypsy    1 Comments   Comments
  • homeowners

    I had the worse experience with this nightmare. After grieving over the passing of my fiance, spending 4 months in a hotel until tenants moved out I became concerned due to the property management charging me every other month for same issue. Well while in the hotel I called to see if someone could check. Well someone came out and met with the management. Tenants were complaining about a leak. Well no leaks. The people didn't know about glass shower doors. Water was coming through the door being closed wrong. Because I thought calling I could get help. I even asked if it would... More...
    Mental's Picture   Mental    1 Comments   Comments
  • Worst customer service ever

    My experiance with Geico has giving me a headache. First of all with the spam of e-mails. The boligerant telemarketer operators, and the not so local customer service. With no real people to talk to in person. My problem is this. My boyfriend was looking for car insurance for his own car. He later decided to go with local service from Allstate. With an actual human that you can go to see. Instead of talking to a team of investagators. They wanted and still harrass me. That since he is a licensed driver living in the same household. I must pay for his insurance as well on mine . He does not... More...
    (Car Dealers, Mechanics, Auto General - Sponsored by HYUNDAI)
  • The worst company

    Geico Is the worst company ever. I switch to another car insurance company because they were offering me a better deal. Its happened 2 months ago and Geico still owe me money. I called them for the 4th time regarding my money and they keep telling me is the USPS fault. Never ever get a car insurance with Geico. You will remember my words. More...
    maylettd's Picture   maylettd    0 Comments   Comments
  • Very Disappointed with the lack of knowledge from geico representative JAMES PITTS

    I am veryyyyy disappointed with the insurance representative name James Pitts. He's given me the run around this whole three weeks with me and the car repair shop. My car was suppose to get fixed in three days. However, it took three week because the body shop was waiting on Geico's check. I also had to drive 120miles out the way to claim my police report because the representative James Pitts told me I had to have that police report in order to avoid paying the 500$ deductible, come to find out that was a lie . I had to hear from another geico representative after the fact! I... More...
    kgilyard12's Picture   kgilyard12    0 Comments   Comments
  • The worst customer service in years from Mr. S. Schindler!

    I don't have time to describe everything right now but you can get a story from my last response to Mr. S. Schindler who calls himself an investigator at Geico. "Mr. S. Schindler, I finally got a minute. First of all I really didn't appreciate your tone and accusations during our conversation today. Then you had a nerve to call back and accuse me of giving you a fake phone number that I allegedly personally picked up and hung up. Very professional! I had enough at that. I don't want you calling me or contacting me any other way anymore. I was ready to send my photos of... More...
    VBboston's Picture   VBboston    1 Comments   Comments
  • Geico is not a good company

    One morning I got up and checked my bank account and noticed a 275.00 refund from Geico. I called them to find out what the refund was all about and they put me on hold, and when the rep came back he said that I was being cancelled because of my husbands DUI in 7/12, which it is now 1.5 years later. I couldn't believe it, especially since they knew and sent the SR-22 to the state to keep my husband driving. I believe the real reason is because my son who is 16 got in a accident and it was his fault. I can't believe they are using my husbands DUI as the reason. Im pretty sure it... More...
    ljranstrom's Picture   ljranstrom    0 Comments   Comments
  • Insurance

    Geico Insurance needs to understand that their customers are all of equal importance. On November 27, 2013, a car rear-ended my vehicle while I was stopped at a red light. By default, the person who rear-ended my car is at fault. His insurance company is State Farm. I called Geico on the 28th and filed a claim. They stated that they needed to wait for State Farm insurance to contact their insured, to get a "word" from them, as stated by law, and that if I wanted my car fixed immediately, I would need to pay my insurance's deductible, which I can claim for a refund... More...
  • Geico will slander YOU

    I just had this happen and wrote this email today to/with Geico. I saw the claim person today, I understand that insurance companies have to deal with a lot of fraudulent claims. And in my circumstance I understand I forgot to include a major detail that happened after the first accident. Because not only was there a lot of things going through my mind to keep me from thinking properly, but I just wanted to get my vehicle off the road before it got hit again. But I found it abso---------lutely offensive when I was told, that the claim person felt I made up a hit and run story to claim... More...
    methodologyx's Picture   methodologyx    0 Comments   Comments
  • Geico awful handling claims

    Stay away from GEICO. Their policy on handling claims is rediculous. They will use online prices of random websites to give you a value of your personal property. They will somehow calculate a depreciation value even on items that have lifetime guarentees. They take over a month to handle a claim, and border on disrespectful as far as customer service is concerned. Probably the rudest people from the bottom up to the supervisor. I feel for you if you don't use them and someone who hits you does. More...
    arizzi5's Picture   arizzi5    0 Comments   Comments
  • total loss refund is indecent low

    i had a subaru forester that had drowned during hurricane sandy.the amount that Geico refunded is indecently low. i tried to negotiate with them that i could not find a car with my trim and milage matching that price. Doug Henry, the adjustor, was not a good listener and stopped communication w/ me. he did not respond to my emails and phone calls. i received a check after a prolonged time. Now, i have to pay an additional $3k to purchase a similar car out of my own pocket. They charged me over $2,000 for full coverage and refunded just $11,950 tax. i was a loyal customer for 9 years and... More...
    irinavino's Picture   irinavino    0 Comments   Comments
  • This has to be the worst company in the world

    I was checking a quote to possibly add a driver to my policy if it was not too expensive to do so. I decided not to add the driver because of their poor driving record and the fact that it was too expensive. Geico added them anyway and ran my policy up more than 4x the initial quote. I spoke with the underwriting department and was told that they could not remove them unless I showed them proof of THEIR insurance with another company. They must have missed common sense day in the insurance school. I am going to file a complaint with the Florida Insurance Commission and speak with an... More...
    BarronReed's Picture   BarronReed    4 Comments   Comments
  • Forced to cover my son-who is not living with me!

    To Whom It May Concern: "I didn't save tons of money by going with GEICO". Re: Policy Number: 3733 On May 3, 2012 I was informed by customer service that I am in order to remove Justin Greenlaw from my automobile policy that I would need to supply proof of his new residency. This was faxed immediately and I was told that I would receive a call back from your customer service group. I never did receive a phone call. I called today and again to my disappointment was told that the underwriters determined that although Justin does not live in my home they will not remove him... More...
    's Picture      0 Comments   Comments
  • loyal customer getting screwed

    I have been a loyal customer for 7 years with Geico and has never been in an accident or caused Geico to pay out of pocket. I received two small tickets this year and my insurance rate has gone up $200!!! I cannot believe this. I have a good, clean record and have never been in an accident! Geico had made A LOT of money off of me each year and yet they decide to raise my premium $200! My family cannot afford this! I talked with a customer service person who was BEYOND RUDE and told me there was nothing she could do. I stated that I liked Geico, but cannot afford this and would have to... More...
    Madelynsmomma's Picture   Madelynsmomma    0 Comments   Comments
  • Geico insurance review

    I did not renew an auto insurance policy with Geico. Buying a new policy with another company instead. Geico is now claiming I owe them for coverage for the period of time from the renewal date until they cancelled the policy for non renewal. I refused to pay. I just let the policy lapse of it's own terms. I don't believe I owe them anything. They have now turned over the alleged debt to a collection agancy that is dunning me for payment. Do I owe them anything? More...
    pfreund's Picture   pfreund    2 Comments   Comments
  • Auto Insurance claim

    I'am disabled with steel implants in my neck and lowere spine. I was rearended in Nov. of 08. nine screws and a steel implant in th lumbar area and five screws and another steel plate in my neck. I was the third car back stopped. A young man bending down picking up something that feel on the floor. rearended us. After months of medical reviews, sent to doctors that could not speak english well at all. Damaged me even more. Geico will not settle. They offered us less than 22k for settlement. a year ago and two lawyers later with out sucess of finalization. Geico will not honnor there... More...
    rwkent's Picture   rwkent    0 Comments   Comments
  • Geico Insurance Failed Me

    I've had two claims with Geico in 12 months of service with them. My vehicle was vandalized twice, a $500 deductable for comprehensive claims, that expense I entered willingly. My complaint is with the claims and policies. Geico's rep really wanted me to use their repair service, albeit great I'm sure, but I have a friend in the industry and had recommended a shop for me and I opted out of Geico's repair service and chose this other shop to his great dismay. The repair work by the body shop was great, as I expected but Geico had failed to pay about $200 of the... More...
    magecca's Picture   magecca    2 Comments   Comments


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